DG Youth Orchestra
Dumfries and Galloway Youth Orchestra

The Music

If you aren’t yet a member of DGYO but you’re interested to know what music we’re currently rehearsing you can find some of it on the BBC website here BBC 10 Pieces. You can listen to the music being played and you can download the music for your instrument and follow along or even give it a go.

We've also been fortunate to be given access to two libraries of orchestral music. We'll need to take some time to look through these to find music which is suitable for us to play, but then we'll be able to use the music we like to widen our repertoire. As you can see elsewhere on the website we have recently been given a very generous donation by the John Younger Trust of Gatehouse. We intend to use this money to buy orchestral music parts which we'll want to own to use again and again.